Here’s an infectious smile to brighten the neighborhood. Bianca Cromwell  is notorious for her bubbly effervescent character; effortlessly spreading her uplifting attitude from person to person. She’s a great friend and never far from reach. If you need her, she’ll do her best to help you out! That being said, she does have her grounds about her. She won’t let anyone walk all over her generosity and isn’t afraid to confront someone who tries to. So if you ever need someone lively and friendly around, Bianca is always a good catch!

Bianca is a sim I added to a family randomly in order to test out some new sliders; this was her end product. I honestly have absolutely no use for her and she isn’t really beneficial to the story I want to create. I’ll probably toss her in the background as filler, but other than that I’m not super attached to her. So hopefully she can find home in someone else’s game. c:

TOU: You’re free to do whatever with her! So long as you don’t mess with her face because that’s not very nice. I can’t control what people do when no one’s watching, but please be courteous to my time and effort on her. If you wouldn’t want it done to you, don’t do it to me! :C

Hair 1&2 ϟ Skin (Freckle)  ϟ Eyes (contacts) ϟ Eyebrows ϟ Blush (Blusher N7) 
Nose Highlight (Face and Nose Highlighter V2) ϟ Freckles ϟ Nose Blackheads ϟ Nails ϟ Eyelashes ϟ Eyeliner & Lips

               Everyday: Shirt ϟ Shorts (?) ϟ Boots
               FormalDress (She took it down, but you can look through her other dresses! ;u;)
               Sleepwear: Shirt
               Athletic: Sneakers
               Swimwear: Bathing Suit

My sliders: Pointed Ears Slider ϟ Breast Sliderϟ Bella3lek4 Facial Sliders S-Club Eyelash Slider ϟ AWT Upper Lip Slider ϟ Jonha Sliders ϟ Height Slider ϟ Lip Fatness Slider ϟ Bloom Base Sliders ϟ YS3 Studio Upper Lip Slide ϟ Dimple Slider

Her makeup is layered; I did it by using NRAAS Master Controller.
Master Controller > Settings > CAS > Multiple makeup or something along those lines

If you have any trouble whatsoever please tell me! I’d be glad to help. c: Hopefully this covers everything though.

                DOWNLOAD[MEDIAFIRE]: HERE (.SIM)

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